Saturday, February 19, 2011

A New Look and What's Ahead

Needed a new background image for the website today -- not sure why, but I did. Anyway, it probably will not be difficult to determine where this photo was taken.

My schedule has not settled down to a level where I can update the blog frequently, and I don't see that happening anywhere in the near future. However, I can preview a few posts I have planned in the next few weeks.

Stories from the Road: Purcell, OK; Sioux Falls, SD (Christmas); the other "Golden Gate Bridge"; a "smashed penny collection"; and Christmas Light(s).

The Lonely Road takes on Raton, NM.

Growing Up outlines the correct procedure for being a social zero in a town of 2000.

Sweet Home Mobile talks chili. A lot of it.

There will be other posts as well, probably far more spontaneous. Nevertheless, thanks for reading. Off to the beach tomorrow. I can do that now, strangely.