Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, I ended up not having time to write a note this weekend, so I guess I'll write a late Sunday night edition.

I ended up going to Lincoln for the weekend, as my brother, sister, and brother-in-law were expected to be there. I showed up unannounced, which is always fun. Problem is, when you park in a sorority girl's parking spot, all subtlety quickly disappears. Nevertheless, everyone's faces at the sight of me were worth the price of the trip alone. And it only improved from there...

My brother and one of his friends showed up about a half hour later, and we were off. With life as a grad student, it is easy to forget what a social life is fairly quickly. In a matter of minutes, all of the memories of undergrad days reappeared. I miss those days.

The bars in Lincoln were packed, as the football crowd and the college crowd intertwined in a regular "Where's Waldo?" on 'O' Street. The weather was sensational all weekend, with much above average temperatures and clear skies allowing everyone to pour into the streets well into the night.

The next day was much the same, with lots of bars, stories, tailgating, and camaraderie. Lincoln trips are always better when Barry's is involved, and this weekend featured a lot of Barry's. (I still want to know who Lou Mary is, though.)

Yes, Oklahoma lost the game, but as most of you by now realize, football is sort of low on my sports totem pole. And everyone else was happy, so that's somethin'. (The Preds won, and the Red Wings lost, on Saturday, so that's a win in my book.)

The last time I saw my brother and sister together was in May of 2005. My college graduation. I really, really hope that such a large gap will not happen again. Thanks for a great weekend, sibs.


My work schedule this week is very high, so notes may be infrequent for the next few days. I hope to have a "Growing Up" post, "Chad's Takes", and "Stories from the Road" at some point before this weekend.

Growing Up will begin the first of many notes about a hero named Maxine. In Chad's Takes, I'll discuss Joe Lieberman. And in Stories from the Road, I'll talk about Moro Rock.