Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stories from the Road -- Savannah, GA

Strolling in Savannah is taking a walk back in time. The trees are alien, and the sidewalks worn with years of experience. The statues are frozen snapshots of a time much bigger than now.

Everything is still in Savannah. I don't remember the wind blowing here (except near the water). Walking downtown, it was amazing to me how much atmosphere was created by this stillness. Even the air was watching. People would find their destinations, oblivious to the stillness. Their voices were like scratches of the chalkboard, piercing the dead air. The cars would pass by, and it took second glimpses to realize they weren't model T's.

Standing by the river, I was persistently reminded of a world outside of Savannah. Big ships would pass by, cars hurriedly crossing the bridge. But the gulls would just sit there, occasionally voice their opinion, and sit there some more. The gulls seemed just like the statues. Earnest, seeming to stare at something more important than what meets the eye today.

I love Savannah. The cobblestone near the river, the holes in the wall hiding the locals, the seafood that makes food lovers sing. Savannah has character and an attitude to match. I always feel like I'm being watched in this town, but not in a bad way. I imagined the locals staring at me walking by, amused at my confused daze. Silently saying, "He's not from around here". And those trees. They've seen so much, yet they sit there perfectly still, engaged in the goings-on transpiring underneath.

Savannah is alive at night. The din of the bars finds its way outside. The streets have cars parked, not going anywhere. Maybe it's because no one sees the trees at night.

And the ships pass on by. The city lights glimmer on the river; otherwise, there's no way to know for sure it is there.

Savannah is a town to walk in. Take in the sights, and experience the mood. Hear the scrapes of cobblestone beneath your feet. Small talk underneath the filtered light. Follow the river to destinations unknown. Experience the life amidst the motionless air. If you listen, you will find the lifebeat of this city underneath the armor of attitude.