Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pictures from the Road -- San Francisco, CA

Some photos of our trek to the Golden Gate Bridge starting from Pier 37 in San Francisco. A classic cool, overcast day late in May 2009.

Tomorrow: Stories from the Road takes on the Oregon Coast.


Fisherman's Wharf. Touristy, but pretty good food.
A boat takes off to Alcatraz, seen in the background.
A typical pier in San Francisco.
An absolutely wonderful stop on the walk to Golden Gate Bridge is the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park -- a dock of vintage boats full of history. A must-see while in this city.
An example of the gorgeous boats docked in the NHP.
A cypress tree overlooking Fort Mason.
A typical view on the walk/bike path to Golden Gate.
A typical view of Golden Gate, complete with low clouds!
Mr. Toad's "Wild Ride"?