Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Movie, er, Weather Channel

For many of us, the fact that the Weather Channel has jumped the cable shark is old news. Of course, you can jump the metaphorical shark as many times as you want. I present to you the latest evidence of repeated jumping of said shark:


That's right. The Weather Channel will begin showing movies, starting with The Perfect Storm and going all the way down to the ironically named Misery.

The weather angle is pretty clear in "The Perfect Storm," but "Misery"? [Weather Channel chief programmer Geoffrey] Darby noted the nightmare endured by James Caan's character begins with a blinding snowstorm.

Ooh, a snowstorm! That's weather. So is the rain in Road to Perdition! Or the sunshine in Under the Tuscan Sun.

"It's a way to respond to at least a significant portion of our audience that says, `Let's expand the definition of weather,'" he said.

Expanding or destroying?