Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Is the Life

Alarm clock sounds at 9:30 am. Bitch-slap the alarm. Alarm clock goes off at 9:37 am. Reluctantly push the button down.

The doctors on House call it "the usual". After "the usual", begin working on the computer. At 11:30 am, go to work on different computers. Get phone call. Talk about a friend's practical joke that gets him in hot water with his girlfriend. Laugh a lot.

Friend comes in with R question. Turns into MATLAB presentation. Some imitation of sopranos while mimicking MATLAB commands.

More work. Realize that lunch has been skipped. Get quick bite at Dying Cow. Go back, eat sandwich, and instruct new user how to use WRF. Four-and-a-half hours later, discovery of WRF bugs and compilation quirks finally leads to successful simulation. Hurray.

Then go to dinner with advisers and departing student. Talk lots about the esoteric lives we have. Mock people who don't know geography, who do live in Texas, and who believe the NWS knows how to verify things. Much laughter and salsa splattering.

Then go to house party of another departing student. Champagne, discussion of an absentee's damaged testicle(s), and MVPs are top stories. Much laughter and skullduggerous reviewing.

Then walk home and write note.


I could write about any one of the various things I've listed above in great detail, as most of the events of today deserved great detail. I could write of my strange interactions with nearly everyone I've come across today. I could discuss the absolutely fantastic food I had at Ted's.

But not today. Today doesn't deserve such scrutiny and review. Today was a day in the life. Lots of stuff happened, good stuff, important stuff. But I enjoyed today for just being an observer in a constantly changing world. Sometimes all you need to do is watch, learn, feel, live.