Sunday, July 26, 2009

Miscellaneous Musings from Man with Massive Migraine

Oh, the head. The head!

So, Norman's at 9 now. Everyone living here knows what that means.

Comic-Con is ongoing in San Diego. For sci-fi fans everywhere, this is the event of the year. Several panels are held by the lead producers and actors of television shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment. The event is usually packed, and this year appears to be no exception. Excellent coverage of the event has been provided by TV critics Maurice Ryan and Alan Sepinwall. Some great commentary on the Lost, Dollhouse, Chuck, and Caprica panels. Besides a live Jeffster! appearance and a Season 3 Chuck poster that literally sent me to the floor, the quote of the conference was from BSG lead writer Ronald D. Moore, discussing the Emmys:

It is a frakking crime that...the cast was never recognized for the performances they did. It is criminal. I'll tell you one thing, I would not be on this panel today if it was not for the ensemble of actors.


Speaking of BSG, tragedy struck this week when series producer Harvey Frand died on Thursday. Bear McCreary, who was the genius behind the music for the recent series, holds concerts every year at Comic-Con for his work on BSG. Edward James Olmos, Michael Hogan, Michael Trucco, Richard Hatch, Nicki Clyne, James Callis, Michelle Forbes, Grace Park, frequent director Michael Nankin, series EP David Eick, and McCreary all gave emotional tributes to Frand, and the concert was dedicated in his honor. Maurice Ryan called the tributes "moving and touching" and indicated the concert was a resounding triumph. Man, how I wish I could have been there. Katee Sackhoff, who joins 24 next season, also attended and performed a piano duet with McCreary. Wow!

Speaking of Caprica, the new series begins on January 22 on the newly named SyFy. As one TV Guide reader described his assessment of the new name for the channel, "Yt stynks." BSG writers Ron Moore, Michael Taylor, and Jane Espenson are all staff writers for the new show, which does not appear to "stynk" after reading a few reviews of the pilot.

I woke up at 2:30 pm today. Summer stynks.

Frank Rich wrote a scathing review of tributes to Walter Cronkite while even more harshly demonizing today's media in a telling New York Times op-ed.

Earlier this week, potential dangerously dumb candidate Campbell Brown claimed that CNN was the only cable news outlet conducting journalism today. The same week that Lou Dobbs stoked the idiotic "birther" argument and Rick Sanchez denounced Hispanics working for Fox News and called Bill Maher on "opportunist". And don't even start me on Larry King.

Glenn Beck decided to "get symbolic" about states' rights this week by removing all but two stars from the flag:

His reason was that Alaska and Tennessee are the only states for which the governors (Palin is...was? the governor of Alaska, see) have signed a resolution claiming sovereignty. (States' rights, you say?) Of course, "symbolically" desecrating the flag was a nice way of showing his side of the argument. Eh, at least Rick Perry would be happy.

Speaking of Rick Perry, Rachel Maddow absolutely SLAMMED him on her show Friday night:

My migraine is slowly winning the battle. I must end this before the misery for me AND you becomes intolerable.